Enroll MORE CashBot Members (VERY HOT)

Never before has one ad site been solely
responsible for one company’s ferocious
viral growth.

One of CashBots top recruiters emailed
me this Tip and said to pass it on to
other CashBot members.


As you know I signed up with USA Lead Club
2 weeks ago mailing my CashBot offer to my
leads once per day.

24 of my leads have joined CashBot along
with 17 passups as of this morning.

Ok Russ 24 personals I understand but the
17 passups are totally unexpected? I’m just
going to keep hammering the Leads in hopes
they keep joining.

Feel free to pass this info on to anyone
looking for a good ad source as I sure
am grateful someone passed it onto me.

– Peter K.

So why do USA Lead Club leads convert so
well with a 4.99 offer like Cashbot?

Because every lead you get is prequalified
to meet the following criteria:

– All have valid credit cards.
– All are ready to invest at least 100.00 in the right opportunity.
– All are ready to get started right away.

USA Lead Club will be the first program
that makes you money on the Internet and
that’s a promise from me to you 🙂

My name is Russell Davidson and I invite
YOU to come work with me!


Looking forward,

Russell Davidson