67 Four Corners Sales: Downline Growth DEEP & WIDE

Organic Prospects is
without a doubt the
easiest way to sign
up new people into
4 Corners Alliance.

All month long I’ve
been asked the exact
same question.

Will Organic Prospects
work for me?

100% without question YES!


I’m stunned at the
feedback I get every
day from 4CAG members
reporting daily sales
since signing up to
Organic Prospects.

Here’s how I first got started:

1. I joined OP.


2. I added my first batch
of 70 prospects into
the provided mailer.

3. Sent out the exact same email
I use on other safelists.

The returns have been Incredible.

I have enrolled 67 of
my Organic Prospects into
4 Corners and that number
is climbing DAILY.

There’s no doubt in
my mind that reaching
goals online is all
about making the right

If someone can benefit from
my advice just a little bit
then I can feel good about that.


Christian Sanders

p.s. I look forward to hearing
from you really soon!