6 Paid Signups In 48hrs (Great Ad Tool To Use)

I hope you all had a great time
enjoying the hockey playoffs like
my family did!

(Our Blackhawks won last night Yay!)

But even better than our team winning
it all is that I checked my program
signup stats this morning and found
I got…

– 2 Paid Upgrades Sunday

– 4 Paid Upgrades Monday

And the REAL kicker is:

– I only used one ad site
to get these signups

– I didn’t have to do any
work (they just clicked
my link and joined)

– I know I’ll make another
10+ more sales this week

How am I getting so many new
signups you ask?

I’m using USA Lead Club to
advertise my program.

I got a really nice email from Cynthia
McMillan this morning praising USA Lead
Club for making her money.

(She said I could share with you all)

“Thankyou for suggesting USA Leads.
I started promoting with them 13 days
ago and just got my 6th new member”

– Cynthia McMillan

Ya know I get messages like this all
time and that’s why I like USA Lead
Club so much.

Now does USA Lead Club only work with
certain types of programs?

No, they work with any type of program
you need sales and signups for.

It takes a couple minutes to register
and you receive 135 leads immediately.
Then 135 additional leads every 24hrs.

If you want to build your business like
you just know is possible, then you
need to make the move and join right now.

My name is Russell Davidson and I invite
you to come work with me.


Best Email: davidsonclan3@gmail.com

p.s. I’m in the people business so join with
me and we’ll make this happen together