5 Sales In 23hrs PROOF (Organic Prospects WORKS)

Today I’m going to talk about
what I LIKE and DISLIKE about
working on the Internet.

I DISLIKE marketing sites
that charge huge fees and
don’t deliver as promised.

What happened to me:

2 years ago I joined M&G Home
Business. A lead generating site.

It cost 49.95 to join and
39.95 a month after that.

I didn’t make a single cent.

9 months ago I joined a brand new
traffic exchange site with all
the bells and whistles.

Exact same thing happened.
Bloated fee. Program tanked.

Now this is what I LIKE:

I like that some websites
talk the talk AND walk the

Case in point:

2 months ago I joined an ad
site called Organic Prospects
that delivers 70 home business
prospects per day along with a
mailer so you can contact the

24 hours ago I mailed 2,450
prospects and already have
5 29.95 sales on the day
so far!

Mailed To: 2450
Views: 378
% Viewed: 15.43%
Clicks: 64 (58 USA, 4 CAN, 2 AUS)
Clicks to viewed: 16.93%
Clicks to mailed: 2.61%
Sales: 5
Price Point: 29.95 recurring monthly charge

I have 100% made money from
Organic Prospects and you
couldn’t wipe this big goofy
grin off my face if you tried.

This is definitely a game changer
so join NOW.


Christian Sanders

Just email me if you need a helping hand
getting started. This ad source rocks!