5 Dollar Funnel Signups? (HOT HOT HOT)

It’s a well known fact that USA
Lead Club members are at the top
when it comes to enrolling people
into 5 Dollar Funnel.

100% without a doubt.

All month long the #1 question
I’ve been asked has been this:

Will USA Lead Club work for my
5 Dollar Funnel link?

Each and everytime without delay
I respond with an enthusiastic “YES”

So why does USA Lead Club work so
well to grow 5 Dollar Funnel?

1. Perfect price point target
(Your Leads have $100 to invest
and 5 Dollar Funnel costs $5
or $20 a month depending on
the level you choose)

2. 5 Dollar Funnel is BOOMING with
1000’s of USA Lead Club leads
contributing to its gigantic
member base.

3. I’m getting 15+ emails a day
from 5 Dollar Funnel people
thanking me for helping them
get started with USA Lead Club.

I seriously believe all the stars
have lined up for this program.

5 Dollar Funnel and USA Lead Club
have been the two most anticipated
launches of 2015, but the key here
is that they must be used TOGETHER.

1 + 1 = 3

I’m ready and able to help you get
started and invite you to come work
with me 🙂


Russell Davidson

My Best Email: davidsonclan3@gmail.com

p.s. Get in touch with me even if you’re
not promoting 5 Dollar Funnel and I
will be happy to work with you.