What Is the Absolute Worst That Could Happen?

You could join this program and completely forget you did it, I suppose.

Someday when you’re long gone, your descendants may come across it, and thank you for leaving such a legacy!

All because you sent someone $5, and …

Never knew or interacted with the receiver in any way.

Never sold any product or idea, or bought monthly inventory.

Never spent precious time or a penny to recruit or refer anyone.

Never attended a meeting, online or via phone, or any by other means.

Never opened an email from the Admin notifying you of a new member
in your group.

Never, in fact, lifted as much as your pinkie finger to succeed.

Yes, the worst thing that could happen is that your children and grandchildren could someday find money for their retirement, college, etc…

Funny what your $5 could do…
Mine is already steadily and quietly growing…


Put “referred by Wendy Blessing” in the payment comment!