Why You Need Another Mailer

When you heard that I had just launched a new mailer, you might have been thinking …

“The last thing I need is another safelist mailer!  I can’t keep track of the ones I already have!”

I understand and feel that way myself sometimes.  

However, when you think that you don’t “need” another mailer, then you would be wrong.  Here’s why …

Reason to Join # 1 – New Programs Present New Opportunity!

Whenever a quality program launches, many people rush to join.  This means lots of fresh prospects who are anxious to use the new program.  They click links, earn credits, and PAY ATTENTION to your ads. 

Sounds like a great mixture to get results.  Actual stats go along with this as many people get amazing results by mailing in the first couple of weeks at a new program

Reason to Join # 2 – Another “Kick at the Can” for Referrals!

Your Viral Mailer has added over 1,600 members in under two weeks.  That means that those who have been promoting just got a chance to add those people to their list and to earn commissions.  

When a new program is launched, the slate is cleared and you now have a chance to compete and refer those people to be under you!

Reason to Join # 3 – High Conversions!

You work hard for every visitor you generate.  You click links to earn credits, you pay for upgrades and credits, you consistently log in and send out ads.  

Don’t you want to get the biggest benefit for your time spent.  How about promoting a new program that gets a signup for every 200 visitors instead of an older program that might require over 1,000 visitors per signup.  That is 5 times the work for the same result.  New programs convert at high conversion ratios!

If you haven’t joined Your Viral Mailer yet, then use this link to join us.   

Matthew Graves