How To Develop Yourself To Become Successful ?

Hi , my friend

I know exactly how you feel.

You see a woman/men standing there and you think to yourself, “What do I say? What do I do? ”

You’d like to talk to her/him but you just don’t want to get rejected.

So you walk away and you say to yourself, “Well, didn’t know what to say anyway”

But really in reality, what you’re really telling yourself is that you just couldn’t deal with rejection.

Here’s the problem with that mindset: you’re taking life too personally.

See, the woman/man standing there that you like, the one you want to talk to, she/he has absolutely no clue who you are, and what you’re about. None.

She/he isn’t even thinking about you. She/he doesn’t even know you exist.

So by walking over and talking to her/him, she/he then can get to know you and then she/he can make a decision on whether or not she/he likes you.

If she/he decides that she/ he doesn’t like you, consider that you at least gave her/him the opportunity to get to know you. At least you tried. And now you know that the two of you wouldn’t get along.

Rejection is nothing.

She/he is a stranger. Who cares if she/he doesn’t like you? It doesn’t mean that you’re not a great man. It just means that you tried to connect with somebody and it didn’t happen.

In life, it doesn’t happen all the time. I’ll walk down the beach and I’ll talk to every single person that passes by me. Some talk, some don’t.

But I don’t ever think to myself, “Boy they didn’t like me, I’m an awful person. I’m somebody that should never be talking to people again.”

I’m often glad after I talked to a woman whom I didn’t connect with. Now I don’t have to think about them anymore. Obviously there was no spark, obviously there was no chemistry, and now I can move on and find somebody that will appreciate me.

You want to be with someone that appreciates you.

You want to be with the woman/man that finds you amazing.

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Let’s go.

Your friend,

Vojko Razdrih