To Surf or Not to Surf, that Is the Question!

Some people like surfing programs and swear by them. Others swear AT them.

If you like to surf: Probably you already know the trouble with surfing programs is that many are unreliable – just when you think you are about to get ahead, they disappear – taking your cash with them.

Good News.

I have found a program in which the company is highly visible; in fact their name and address are listed on the site, so it is easy to communicate with them. Further, the owner/founder, Mike Deece actually has his photo on the site and you can check out his complete story if you wish. In operation for almost two years. I started last October and have watched my income grow steadily since.

Unlike many programs that pay you for your upgrades on a more or less helter-skelter basis, this one pays you every day – even every hour.

Most importantly, for stability, they do NOT pay you a certain fixed percentage 1% or 2% or so per day – which has two major drawbacks which few people think about. First, a fixed daily percent return is unsustainable. Second, it is illegal. Rather they pay you out of advertising earnings – until your $50 ad pack has reached $60.

By using my method of alternating repurchasing out of profits and then withdrawing, your earnings can grow and grow indefinitely. Surfing required, BUT it takes less than 10 minutes a day.

This is like having your own private ATM machine! The company is My Advertising Pays – the name is appropriate!

Please check the site and see what YOU think:

More Good News.

However, if you DON’T like surfing programs, you need to take a look at this program. It pays you once a day. Out of your earnings. But no surfing required – just check your account from time to time.

Again, if you like stability, Poker Automatics has been in operation since 2011. (You can see their actual statistics right on the sight.)

They let you make money in a different way than anything else you will find on the internet. They do it with robots in online poker rooms. You ask “What in the world is that?”

First, robots are now designed to do everything from vacuuming your carpet to building your automobile. Now they also play poker – better than humans because they do not get confused with emotion.

So you do not PLAY poker with this program. The robots do that and we make the profits that are earned by the robots. That comes to between 12% and 24% per month, depending on how much you invest.

The robots do the work and you and I share in the profit. As stated on the site: Guaranteed passive income from poker 24/7. No skills required. No risk.

One thing you will find quite interesting when you check the blue statistics button on the far right of your screen. Besides the statistics for the last four years, it also has a list of the 10 largest investors. Be amazed as you see it – their investments in Poker Automatics range from $34,000 to $78,000!

Check it out and see what YOU think.

I have prepared a PDF report to help you get going with either of these programs. Just ask and I will send you a copy. In it I give you suggestions as to how you can maximize your earnings – starting at any level. These reports will help you get to the point that you are earning like I am – or even more.

If you can get up the courage to begin, you’ll have the courage to succeed. It’s the job you never start that takes the longest to finish. Go after what you want and you’ll get it. Eighty percent of success is showing up.

Now let me tell you exactly what I am doing with both MAPs and Poker Robots.

First, I consider MAPs my number one priority at this time. The maximum number of credit packs you can have at one time is 1200; but at that level you will be making over $3000 NET per month – without any recruiting or sponsoring. Therefore I am doing all I can to get there as quickly as possible. I currently have 126 credit packs and they build like a snowball. At the end of April I only had 27. I expect to hit the magic number of 1200 in January, 2016. (All this is explained in detail in my report – just ask and I will send you a copy.)

Meanwhile I am also currently earning about $1200 a month in Poker Automatics. It pays me $35 – $40 a day. So I alternate re-depositing and withdrawing every week. Thus each week, I cash out $150+ and redeposit the rest.

Result: Every week I earn more on the Robots than the week before, AND the money cashed out of the Poker business I use to buy more credit packs with MAPs. So every week both programs are growing rapidly.
You could do the same, if you wish.

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To get my report on either of these programs, send me an email to:
James Sloan