A Stupid Question…

Dear Fellow Networker,

Let me ask you what may seem to be a very stupid question.

If Costco or Walmart or Kroger Grocery or any other business guaranteed to pay you back $120 cash for every $100 you spent at their store would you shop there???

If that were true most people would shop until they drop.

Well, there is one place where that IS true.

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This is a no brainer. There is no need to think about it. Just go ahead and join now. Forget about all the money that you have already lost by not joining earlier.

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If you are already a member then count your blessings and upgrade your income by buying more credit packs and by spreading the word.

Hope you are having a great week like I am.

Here is your joke of the day: http://www.funnybiz.today/site/james.

Laugh and enjoy your life.

James Sloan