NEW Program + I just got a new referral

I just got another referral set up and started with this amazing program. We are officially launched as of 2/16 and the PIP Genie hasn’t even had much of an opportunity to grant people their 3 referrals. These are all based on my hard work AND the concept of PIP Genie and the PIP Builder working to fill your 3 referrals, going on to continue to help those 3 to fill theirs. There is no guarantee while discussing MLM or Matrix in the same conversation, but this Genie comes fairly close by helping everyone that asks for the help, it gives it. Lock in your time-stamped position now. Everything is based on time and the Genie will never put someone in a newer member ahead of you, so timing is EVERYTHING! Don’t delay, this is a no brainer! This is not the time to be sitting on the fence!
See you inside!
Latisha Snider