Are you Facebook Famous?

ARE YOU “FAMOUS” ON FACEBOOK? If so are THEY paying you to be on here so much? How much time are you going to spend on Facebook today?
WOW…The average person spends over 2 hours PER DAY on Facebook!!! But have they ever PAID YOU for that time? Nope me either…I’ve never gotten a dime..but check this out:

I want to thank all of the hundreds who follow me and who’ve joined me from Facebook over on the FutureNet social media platform…pretty cool platform right?! …get paid to post, like posts, login etc – nice! Take that Mark Zuckerberg!! lol
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ANYWAY back to what I was saying….as I hope you can see, we are all part of an amazing yet EARLY ADOPTER opportunity now…
In a few days, they are about to launch an incredible Rev Share component. THIS is what you may have started hearing Bigg and Ari and some of the other leaders in internet marketing talk about in some of our personal groups the last few days….THIS IS GONNA BE BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGG!
This is not about “replacing” any of the stuff we’re doing in LL360 or Traffic Monsoon…they are doing great and continue to explode, and we’re working on a few things to make them convert EVEN better!
With FutureNet though – what we’re doing here is giving YOU the opportunity to add another string to your bow, and diversify your income with what we believe could actually DWARF everything else.
WE ARE WORKING ON MOVING OUR ENTIRE TEAM TO THIS PLATFORM OVER THE COMING WEEKS AND WE ARE COMING IN STRONG. If you are serious about making money and willing to JOIN US and be at the top of our team before we launch our MARKETING MACHINE to the rest of the world…well join for FREE NOW!
BUT IF YOU ARE REALLY SERIOUS…and want to be part of this, my advice is to click on BUSINESS on the left side of your FutureNet “Board” page (click on the FutureNet logo on the top left if you’re not sure) and upgrade to AT LEAST the $25 level of the Friends Tree matrix AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Doing this will lock in your account and activate your matrix money, even if it’s just for the $25 level.
Drop me a message here on Facebook or email me at if you wanna learn more.