SHOCKING: How I got 102 SALES in July 2017

I had a KILLER month, bringing
in 102 paid sales from July 1st
to July 31st.

This is a breakdown of the sources:

12 Signups – Safelists
4 Signups – Traffic Exchanges
4 Signup – Bing PPC’s
82 Signups – Newspapers Alive Traffic

Now be honest with me.

If you could choose just ONE
of the ad sources from above
which would it be?


Newspapers Alive brought in
80.4% of my total sales last month
and I just can’t understand why
some of you haven’t joined yet?

I’m expecting an even BETTER
month with NPA this August.

Lets start our month fresh

Join now.

Jenna Pauley
(email me with questions. I won’t bite 🙂