NETFLIX STRATEGY – 90.28% Conversion Rate! OMG.

We’ve recently been tested the difference between
Incentive Traffic and Genuine Interest traffic
and its effect on conversions. Let’s define what
those kinds of traffic are:

Incentive Traffic: When people have an ulterior
motive for clicking your link (I.E. to earn credits
for clicking a safelist ad or solo ad)

Genuine Interest Traffic: When people click your link
because they have a sincere, genuine interest in
what you are selling.

The Results are in – The Genuine Interest Traffic
converts at 22X the rate of the Incentive Traffic.

So what is our #1 Recommendation for
Genuine Interest Traffic?

Boost My Online Biz


They take Genuine Interest Traffic to a new level.

This morning I sent out a mailing to 2100 of my
BMOB leads with an average email ad.

Just 1 hour later my stats are showing 140
clicks, 19 optins and 2 sales.

Imagine how this will grow after another 23 hours!

So why is this called the Netflix Strategy?

Simply because once you start mailing these
prospects, you’re hooked and can’t stop
for the life of you 🙂



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Faith McDowell – Faith Based Advertising