United Games is accepting Affiliate registrations by “Invitation Only” with Unique ACCESS CODES for ONLY another 2 weeks.. Earn 10% of the total Revenue generated from their NEW “Live” Sports app that launches in October for the 2016 NFL Season!


You heard that right…

United Games, the HOTTEST and MOST ADDICTIVE global “LIVE”
sports APP is about to hit the market sometime in October!

So that means you ONLY have about 2 weeks left to join as an Affiliate!

There has been $30 million spent to prepare this global project and we are gathering
MAJOR LEADERS including Pro Athletes and Celebrities from all around the world now.

UNTAPPED GLOBAL MARKET! The enormous appeal and extended longevity of the United Games
APP will be due to the Global Appeal of Sports. The top 10 global sports have Billions of fans combined. American Football has “only” 400 million fans! The global fan base for SOCCER is a whopping 3.5 BILLION FANS and CRICKET has over 2 BILLION FANS! United Games lets you win Tokens by “calling the shots” DURING LIVE GAMES!

Players can play for FREE and WIN iPads, TV’s, Trips, Cars and More!

CREATED by an INDUSTRY LEADING DESIGN TEAM this FREE APP launches for the NFL season
in October and is beginning to go viral FAST! The next APP will be Soccer in January 2017
with 3.5 Billion Soccer Fans worldwide, then an APP for the 2 Billion worldwide Cricket Fans
and eventually United Games will have an app for every major sport and even NASCAR!

EXAMPLE: Similar to the “Candy Crush” game, United Games will use tokens valued at 99 cents each which people can acquire by purchasing or watching a short video advertisement. Millions of people will be “calling the shots” with real-time major sports games using free and purchased “tokens”. In one year, “Candy Crush” generated 1.5 BILLION dollars in revenue with less than 5% of its players buying tokens, the rest watched ads to acquire tokens.

43% of all TOKEN purchases & ADVERTISING revenue will be paid to the field through a 9 Generation Uni-level compensation plan PLUS 43% of the $10 monthly AffilIate Technology Fee!

The corporate website at http://unitedgames.co is already beginning to accept Affiliate registrations by “Invitation Only” with unique ” ACCESS CODES “.

[FIRST_NAME], there is NO COST to join until the October APP launch but you will need to provide your credit card information to cover a 29.99 Activation fee and $10/month subscription. BUT YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED until the launch in October!

For COMPLETE details, click on my personal link below:


Don’t hesitate to call, text or email me with any questions once you get your “ACCESS CODE”.

To Your Success!

Best regards,

Carl J. Weinfurtner II
United Games Affiliate
Affiliate ID# 50780434

E-mail: gateway2success2001@yahoo.com

Cell: (402) 516-5383