[FIRST_NAME], Why CHASE people to get them to buy? This Makes Me CRINGE! :(


When I first started out, I tried selling
lots of crazy things to my friends.


Magic Juices…

Weight Loss Shakes…



I still CRINGE thinking about those days.

Maybe you’ve done the same thing?

Good news is, I STOPPED the craziness.

I mean… It doesn’t make sense, right?

Why CHASE people to get them to buy?

If you’ve got something amazing…

something they actually NEED.

Won’t people chase YOU???

And THAT’S when I had a big “Ah Ha!” moment.

INSTEAD of trying to beg people to buy stuff they
didn’t really want…

I went where the money was already being made…

And started promoting things that were in HUGE DEMAND!

Something people had to buy.

When I made that ONE SIMPLE SHIFT —

EVERYTHING turned around for me.

Suddenly, I started making real money.

A LOT of it.

No longer was I chasing people.

People were chasing me!

They were HAPPY when they paid me…

AND they even came back for MORE!

The Result: A fun, fulfilling business…

…with super-high profits!

SO — Let me ask you a question:

Would YOU rather be involved in a program that forces
you to pitch stuff to your friends and family…

OR —

Would you rather offer something that people are
HUNGRY FOR – and happy to pay LOTS of money for???

Something they will gladly pay you for over and over again!

Obviously, selling what people want to buy makes
more sense, right?

And that’s what I do every day.

I get up…

Grab my morning coffee…

Flip on my computer and push a couple of buttons.

THEN — the rest of the day is mine to do with as I please.

The system automatically attract buyers…

It makes sales & takes orders…

And when I flip on my computer again the next day, I see the RESULTS.

As you can imagine…

When you’re selling something people want and it’s married with an automated
system, you don’t have to work real hard.

If you’ve just had your OWN “AH HA!” MOMENT…

And you’re ready to make money the EASIER way…

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And I’ll see you on the inside!

Yours for Success,

Carl J. Weinfurtner II

P.S. Can I tell you a secret?

I couldn’t sell water to a man dying of thirst in the desert.

I’m NOT a salesperson…

And I DON’T want to be a sales person. Ever.

That’s what’s nice about this system.

I’m not selling.

I’m just pushing a couple of buttons…

And people buy through the system!

When they buy…


I get a commission.

A commission of up to $3,200 per sale.

So I let the system do the “hard work”…

And that keeps me from having to SELL anyone.

If you don’t like to sell…

But you still want to get paid big commissions…

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