income system

HI MY NAME IS TERRI PAYNE and i wanted to take a little of your time to let you in on something that i found and have tryed myself it is my Guardian Angel income system here’s how it works and to be sure it’s safe you go through your paypal account so first things first send a $5.00 us dollar donation with a e-mail that say “payment for internet marketing” from your paypal account to the first e-mail address on the list step2. then send $5.00 us dollars to the 5th e-mail saying “payment for internet marketing 5th”.step3.remove the 1st e-mail address and place your e-mail address in the 5th place then move every e-mail up one untill eveyone is in order with you in 5th place here is the list:1.
3. make sure your e-mail address is the same as the one you used to open your paypal account. step4. post a copy of the letter with your e-mail added to the list and you can post on the following sites,,,,,,, thank you for your time TERRI PAYNE