Okay, I have to admit, when I first saw Organic Prospects,
I didn’t quite BELIEVE it would work…

I mean, they run massive social media campaigns targeting
homes business seekers and get them to optin to a list
for more info.

Next they assign them a grading based on their Genuine
Interest, or how interested they are in buying NOW.

Next they filter out anything below 75% and only
give you the prospects to mail that are in the
top 25% in Genuine Interest.

And then… I tested the prospects with my offers…


I was blown away by:

– HIGHER view rates than any solo or safelist
– HIGHER CTR (click through rate) over any solo or safelist
– HIGHER conversions over any solo or safelist

You HAVE to go try these guys out and see why everyone
is so gaga over this.

You will quickly see why these members are getting
crazy 30-55% CONVERSION rates with this…

I have converted over 77+ of these Organic Prospects
into sales since I joined on June 30th. No kidding!

(IMAGINE getting those kinds of conversion rates on
something you set up in just 7 MINUTES…)

How FAST do you think you can build downlines
for yourself, for your clients, and more?

Get it now…



Dustin Gallagher

PS: As I was writing this … just saw Ashton Lewis
post in the Organic Prospects Forum how he just
sold 3 of his 199.00 offers to 3 of his Organic
Prospects. YES! GET. IN. NOW.