Another 396.00 WASTED on Safelists

2 weeks ago I joined 2 new
safelists and took the One
Time Offers for 197.00 and 199.00

What I found was:

1. I got a few clicks, but they
only stayed on my sites for 10
seconds max, just long enough to
earn credits to promote THEIR OWN

2. The people clicking my ads were
also getting hundreds of emails
from OTHER advertisers.

Over a year ago I joined Boost My Online
Biz for just 39.95


What I’ve observed:

1. I’ve been getting HUNDREDS
of clicks and these people
are spending up to 10 minutes
on my sites seriously considering
my offers. (no clicking for credits)

2. The people clicking my ads ARE
NOT getting ads from other BMOB
members as our leads are EXCLUSIVE
to us (no sharing of leads)

By all means, keep using safelists
because they DO work if you join
enough of them and mail them daily.

But make sure you are mailing BMOB
leads on a daily basis as well.

90% of my sales come from mailing
BMOB leads while only 10% come from
mailing my 363 safelist accounts.

If you’re not mailing BMOB leads,
you should be 🙂


Faith McDowell
Mother, Marketer, Mentor.