450 Opens – 285 Clicks – 6 Sales (375.00 in 24Hrs)

Yesterday I thought I’d run a test
on USA Lead Club leads to see how
they stack up against safelists.

This is what I did.

I sent the SAME email body and
subject line to:

3000 members of my TOP converting safelist


3000 USA Lead Club leads

To be fair I gave it a full 24
hours before concluding the test.

Here’s how they stacked up:

My best safelist

3000 members mailed
168 opens
155 clicks
0 sales

USA Lead Club

3000 leads mailed
450 opens
285 clicks
6 sales (375.00 in PROFIT)

The reason the opens, clicks
and sales are MUCH higher
when you mail USA Lead Club
leads is because these are
LEADS. People that have
opted in to hear about
working online.

Safelist users are usually
advertisers that are trying
to promote their own offers.

I’ve been fully tracking and
testing these USA Lead Club
leads for over 5 months now.

Trust me, they convert.


I’m willing to help with your
copy, subject lines and
approach to MILK these leads.

Just ask 🙂

Kick Butt and Make Mucho Dinero!

Donald Ward, MBA
Shoot me an email | donwardsuccess@gmail.com