Finish Line Networks #1 Signup Method (635 in 11 days)

I have been promoting
my Finish Line Network
invite link to
USA Lead Club leads
for 11 days now.

It’s converting like CRAZY.

Corp Funnel
Hits: 425
Joined: 215
Conversion: 51%

Paul’s Funnel
Hits: 270
Joined: 175
Conversion: 65%

Michael’s Funnel
Hits: 530
Joined: 245
Conversion: 46%

635 people joined my team
in just my first 11 days.

Copy my winning formula.

1. Join USA Lead Club.

2. Send out the Pre-Written Emails
from the Finish Line Network backoffice
to your USA Lead Club leads.

3. Rise the ranks of the Finish Line
leaderboard like I am!

I am going to make an
this thing goes live
in 8 days.

Are you with me?

Jenna Pauley