Easy1Up: My First 500.00 Payment!

On Friday my partner and I
upgraded in Easy1Up for 500.00
which allows us to earn across
ALL 4 tiers of the compensation

We have been hearing from dozens
of Easy1Up affiliates about how
well their MLGS leads were converting
for this program, enough that we
couldn’t hold off any longer and
had to try it out for ourselves.

===> https://rebrand.ly/Easy1Up-Leads

One of the top enrollers in
Easy1Up sponsored us and even
gave us the EXACT same swipe SHE
is using on her MLGS leads to
get such high conversion rates.

Here are the results of our
first mailing, sent out just
yesterday at 9:44am

25.00 payments x 5 = 125.00
100.00 payment x 1 = 100.00
500.00 payment x 1 = 500.00

That’s 725.00 in referrals from
JUST OUR FIRST mailing to our
MLGS leads!!!

That leaves us with 225.00 in
profit practically within a day.

Enough said. I know I’m always
touting which program converts
best with MLGS leads but Easy1Up
BY FAR is our ALL TIME #1 top
converting offer for the leads!

You can tell I’m exciting. That’s
because I’m off to send out this
swipe a 2nd time to see what

Email me if you want a copy of
the EXACT same swipe we used
to get 725.00 in Easy1Up from just
ONE mailing to our MLGS leads.

I’m willing to share to make
friends with my fellow Easy1Up
marketers 🙂

===> https://rebrand.ly/Easy1Up-Leads

Richard Noble

P.S. Contact me 24/7