17% open rate, 329 clicks, 34 optins and FOUR SALES!

I don’t recommend ad sites
very often.. But when I find
something that WORKS, I feel
obliged to share it with my
fellow marketers:


Here’s what you get with MLGS:

– 100 premium biz opp leads
added to your account daily
(that’s 3000 per month)

– the ability to import them
into the MLGS mailer and mail
them every 24 hours (no charge)

Here’s why its better than safelists:

– With safelists people click your
links JUST to earn credits to
promote THEIR OWN links.

– With the MLGS mailer, you are mailing
premium biz op leads that have opted
in to receive info about biz opps and
Internet Marketing. They are NOT
just trying to earn credits. They
are EXPECTING to hear from you with
a sweet offer, so your results are MUCH

Here’s my experience:

– Yesterday I mailed my MLGS leads in 2 mins

– I logged a 17% open rate, 329 clicks,
34 optins and 4 sales.

Here’s where you get started:


Here’s how you get a friendly, helping
hand 🙂

email: noblemarketingllc@gmail.com

Richard Noble
Lead Consultant

– If you dont build your
dream, someone else will hire
you to help them build theirs –