1 Signup Every 7.5 MINUTES (In 4 Corners Alliance)

This morning, between 6:03am and
6:27am my stats show 4 sales in
4 Corners Alliance Group from my
BMOB leads. Seriously!


As a member you get 80 leads daily
that you can mail with the members

Top 3 reasons I prefer mailing
BMOB leads over safelists:

1. BMOB leads are exclusive
to the user. They are NOT shared.
With safelists EVERYONE mails
the same people.

2. BMOB Leads arent just
trying to click to earn credits
like safelist users do. BMOB
leads have GENUINE interest
in biz opp & Internet Marketing
and are EXPECTING to hear from
someone just like YOU.

3. I don’t have to click to earn
credits to mail these leads.
I get 80 fresh leads added
daily and my results go up
as my leads grow.

I should also mention that my
open rates, clicks, optins
and sales from mailing my
BMOB leads has been

Yesterdays mailing had a 21%
open rate, 353 clicks, 31 optins
and 5 sales in 4 Corners Alliance

Not you’re typical safelist
results! Enough said.

I’ll be online ALL day if you
need me 🙂


Faith McDowell
Mother, Marketer, Mentor.
email: faithbasedadvertising@gmail.com

P.S. Email me if ya need a hand 🙂
I give you my WORD BMOB
will EXCEED your expectations
And I take my word VERY seriously.

P.P.S. I’ll even share the EXACT same email
swipe I’m using in BMOB to enroll 5+ 4CAG
members EVERY SINGLE DAY (Duplicate My Results)