We Trade Clicks, Not Credits

Hello, [FIRST_NAME],

Are you using viral mailers to build your list?
They are a free and easy way to promote your business.

There’s just 1 problem.
The majority of the mails you send out go to waste.
You spend all of that time and money gaining credits only for
your mails to go unread.

I found a new mailer that solves that problem. It’s called
Your Downline Mailer. At this site, ever single credit is
a guaranteed click. Every time you mail out each member has
3 days to read your email. After 3 days, all of those unused
credits get added back to your account.

This means that your time and money are never wasted.
Your get a 100% click thru rate on every mailing.

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To your success

Sveinbjorn Styrkarsson