Founders Needed! Quality Not Quantity!

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The admin and members of Wekeepitreal want to make you aware,

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We Keep It Real is perfect for savvy online marketers as well as newcomers. The initial payment to your upline will only be $10 and you can pay through Payza, Solidtrustpay, Bitcoin, Google Wallet, Bluebird Card and a few others. We Keep It Real has a 2×1 Company forced matrix downline structure. As you pay the initial investment, you’ll get instant access to excellent resale rights and products.

Here’s where it gets exciting. You must take a $10 re-entry every 2 weeks. That is just twice a month and $20 should not put a burden on anyone. I thought a program with 10 levels was too many levels. And could not see how a person could earn any money. But with our subscription system it will be Fast and Furious. Plus, as each person cycles level 10, they use $40 to take FOUR level 1 re-entries!! This will really keep this moving. No more waiting for new people to join all the time. As a Matter of Fact, we plan to start this program by allowing only 50-70 members to begin with (quality not quantity, Right). At this time we have 42 Paid members.


When you receive your email verification email after you join, you will see the form and will need to sign it and return to admin

Just Started on August 21st, so what are You waiting for?

To Your Success!