Traffic Authority – Prelaunch

Welcome to Traffic Authority.

I want to tell you that you made a GREAT decision to join us when you did.
Not only have you beaten the flood of new members we’re expecting when the doors open…
You’ve also set yourself up to get a “piece of THEIR action” as one of the Founding Members.
You’ll see; your quick action right now is going to pay off for you for years to come.
Right now in this video, I want to officially “Welcome” you…
And tell you more about us and what’s in store for you at Traffic Authority.

Before I give you all the company details, here’s how to get the most out of this traffic authority pre-launch system..

First, you’re going to follow the 3 Simple Steps on this page..

Step 1: Watch This entire Company Launch Plan Video to learn all the details about our premium traffic products and why this business is positioned to become a huge success over the next 90 days.

Step 2: Watch Our Compensation Plan Video to learn exactly how the Infinite Leverage compensation plan works, how to make the really BIG Money with Traffic Authority, and how you can get paid on the same customers, over and over again, as a reseller of the Traffic Authority products.

Step 3: Watch our pre-launch marketing plan video to learn how to start building your Traffic Authority business before the company goes live to the public on August 19th, which could set you up for huge profits the day we open the doors to the world!

Once you’ve completed that video, it’s time to start marketing and building your team.

We have a full series of videos that will show you how to maximize your pre-launch signups, as well as daily marketing plans to follow.

Simply complete the marketing plan every day and watch you downline grow, then on launch day, get ready for the commission notifications to flood into your email inbox.

Whether you’re a marketing newbie or seasoned pro, our pre-launch system has been designed to give your new Traffic Authority business a Fast Start with serious upfront money on launch day, as well as sustainable income that will build for years to come…

The last thing is you need to do is, pay attention the Countdown Timer in the top right of your back office and do as much as you possibly can before that timer hits zero, because your time is very limited and you don’t want to miss out on setting yourself up for that BIG win on launch day or the $20,000 in free traffic that’s up for grabs in our launch contest..