Your Admin Decided To Stop Paying You.


If you currently work a job and your employer just all of the
sudden decided to stop paying you, what would you do? Would you
still show up for work the next day?

What if it was commonplace for something like this to happen in
the workplace? Would you be more careful about which job you
choose? Would you be more inclined to choose an employer with a
good track record or roll the dice on somebody new?

For the most part, not getting paid what you are owed does not
happen in the workplace. However, online this has become an
unfortunate, and all too common occurrence. Too often, affiliates
that have put in the time, effort, and money to run ads that
benefits the site owner, are robbed of their affiliate earning by
unscrupulous site owners.

To add insult to injury, many will just disappear along with
their websites leaving no explanation and no recourse for the
affiliate. You simply accept the fact that you have been robbed
and move on to promote the next affiliate program.


You could do what the vast majority of seasoned marketers do
which is promote those sites that have a proven track record of
paying on time and have been around for years.

I own such a site and State-Of-The-Art-Mailer has had a
consistent track record of paying every week for over 5 years.

Is that an accomplishment? No, it should be considered the right
and normal thing to do but it has now become a value proposition
for our site.

If getting paid what you are owed matters to you, join what over
30,000 SOTAM members already know….

– No ridiculous minimum payment requirements. $1 min. will get
you paid.
– No requesting commissions. If you have your payment processor
email entered, you will be paid.
– Commissions paid every week on Saturday at 3PM EST.

There is a reason we have been around and thriving for over 5
years and have paid out over $250,000 in commissions. We do not
play around with your money!

Join SOTAM or get active again and leave the insanity of not
knowing whether or not you will be paid.


Brad Webb