Purchase or Win Your Solo Ad to 30,000 at SOTAM.


Over 6 years ago, State-Of-The-Art-Mailer exploded on to the

mailer scene and has not slowed down since with over 32,000


Since that time, we have added many additional feature to

enhance the member experience. Many of these enhancements were

suggestions by our long-term and new members.

Here at two enhancements that are very popular based on their


Golden Solo Ad Weekly Contest:

When you claim credits, you gain spendable credits. Some of

those spendable credits can be used to buy Golden Ticket

entries in our weekly contest. The winner of that weekly

contest wins a Golden Solo Ad that goes out to 30,000

members. All other participants have their entries converted

to Time-Bonus Banner Ad time. All participants WIN in this


Golden Solo Ads For Purchase:

Golden Solo Ads sent to 30,000 members can also be purchased

and used whenever you want with no restrictions.

Golden Solo Ads can be purchased in packages:

– 1 Golden Solo

– 5 Golden Solos (10 percent off)

– 10 Golden Solos (20 percent off)

– 20 Golden Solos (50 percent off)

All members have the ability to utilize Golden Solo Ads

regardless of their financial means. Just buy one or more

OR win yours by purchasing Golden Ticket entries using your

spendable credits.

Golden Solos Ads are averaging around 900 clicks so

purchase or win yours today!


Brad Webb



P.S. If you are a member of SOTAM, get this ad out

because you are PAID commissions on these Solo Ads if

your downline purchases one! Your Golden Solo affiliate

link is located under the Promo Tools area inside.