Jon and Brad Meet In Vegas.

Hello Fellow Marketer,

I am always amazed just how much technology has changed the way
people communicate and connect today. Talking to another person
half a world away on a computer, phone, or tablet instantly is
a very cool thing indeed. However, in marketing, this convenience
comes with a very nasty side-effect that most are unaware of.

Simply put, Internet Marketing has become a very crowded room
with a lot of people saying the same thing and nobody is

So how do you get heard?

Go back and apply the basics because there are only a few in
that room and everybody is listening.

Jon Olson is arguably one of the best in the industry that
applies basic principles in how he conducts business with a
personal touch that nobody else is doing online.

I was fortunate enough to be the recipient of that personal
touch on a recent trip to Las Vegas with my wife. Jon happened
to be there at the same time and we met in person. Of course,
in typical Jon fashion, he met with two other community leaders
as well during his trip…. Tom Wacker and Robert Arnold.

Did that meeting have an impact on me? Of course, because it
is a rare and precious thing online to meet another in person.
How many of your online connections have you met?

There are other things that are rare and precious as well and
nobody else is doing them.

What are they?

Well, Jon just released +1Success which tells you and gives you
step-by-step instructions on how to apply them to your own

Do yourself a favor and join this. Get out of the crowded room
and go to a place where people are listening.


Brad Webb