Don’t Fight The Future And The Signs.


Unless you have been living under a rock, you have

probably noticed the surge in Bitcoin interest and

value lately. I think it goes without saying, this

is most likely going to be the currency of the

online marketer in the future… especially with

the Paypal debacle going on.

Given that, it is probably in your best interest to

join something that is going to reward you Bitcoin

for your activity just to get exposed to it.

Frank’s new site does that like no other… and I

have been in a few over the years!

Check out these stats!!

Message inside my back office:

Your current conversion rate from free to paid

is: 23.214% (All members average: 9.387%)

My conversion rate appears to be higher than

normal but even the average is really good

so don’t waste time jumping in on this.

Get in now if you haven’t already. This future

is coming whether you fight it or not. Be on the

right side of this now while it’s early!


Brad Webb