Ad Pack Pro a revenue sharing GIANT IN THE MAKING

Launched on April 9 internationally

Most of the members are from German speaking countries

Has a big potential to build in all other countries…

We are looking for leaders in Asia, India, USA, Canada, Spain and all other countries

We expect great momentum in 2017. Many big teams are just starting to notice this

DEPOSIT: Directly with you credit/debit card… Also there is a option to Pay it forward for your members

WITHDRAWALS: Paid directly to your bank with no fee… There is a company card for all SEPA countries… Soon also a new payment gateway will be implemented that will allow you to get paid easily in any country in the world


-Ad Packs cost 25 EUR

-They earn 120% for total of 30 EUR

-You get paid daily % in your backoffice (usually around 1% daily, this depends of the sales)

-You need to watch 10 ads daily to get paid daily % (there is no timer, you watch 10 ads today whenever you want and you are qualified for the whole day tomorrow)

-if you decide to sponsor people you earn 2 level commissions from what they purchase and repurchase (11% in level 1 and 7% in level 2)

-you can have a max of 10 adpacks with a free membership but if you want to build and have more adpacks you nedd to get a YEARLY membership (all memberships are shown in the backoffice and you pay them only once every year)

-You can have a maximum of 3000 adpacks and then you are forced to withdraw earnings to your bank account

The company has many other products they are selling and they are getting external revenue from them.

They also do seminars and SEO trainings with Jeroen Smid who is a #1 SEO guy in europe. This is all real and the company has real external revenue.

With so many scammy and fake sites and admins it is better to look at this kinda company which has a truly amazing management team. You can research all the owners online and see for yourself that they are all real and doing this business with their real name.

Behind Ad Pack Pro program there is a real holding company with a name OneVision Holding AG. You can look it up online. They are registered in Switzerland.

Thank you for reading this only basic text about this opportunity. This is one of a kind truly honest company where you can make money and change your financial future…