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Want to run ads on Facebook that cost you HALF the money?
There is this thing called as “retargeting” that helps you
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There is a NEW WAY – a smarter way to do this 10 times better (and cheaper)
This new software called Connect-Retarget makes it happen!
It does what is called “BEHAVIORAL RE-TARGETING”
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Connect-Retarget is that brand new Facebook software that allows
you to retarget visitors based on various actions they do on your
website or target them based on their BEHAVIOR on your site.
That means you can target people with things like…
[+] Time spent by a visitor on your website
[+] How far on the page he scrolled (or not)
[+] His browser language
[+] Where did he come from (referral source)
[+] Number of times he has visited your website
[+]Target based on Date of their visit to your website
[+]The device they are viewing your website from
….and many more smart things 🙂
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