Turn $1.00 Into A Full Time 2343 Bitcoins

Turn $1.00 Into A Full Time 2343 Bitcoins
be eligible to2x9Bitmax – 2x9Bitmax is a global peer-to-peer donation network (bitcoin matrix) that will allow you to turn .0002 bitcoin (about $.20 USD) into 2337.7203 Bitcoins (about 2,318,595.41 USD)
When you joined Earnably and earned enough to cash out…you were paid $5 in bitcoins. It only costs you about $.20 to upgrade in 2x9Bitmax.

In order to maximize your profits and not miss any of your profits when your referrals upgrade down the levels in 2x9Bitmax, I recommend that you do the following….

Note: The following is 100% optional. You are only required to upgrade to level 1. However following the tips below will prevent you from missing upgrades in case your downline decides to upgrade several levels quickly!

Upgrade to level 1 for only .0002 bitcoins ( about $.20 usd). After your level 1 upgrade is verified (this usually takes about 5 minutes), then…
Upgrade to level 2 for only .0003 bitcoins (about $.30 usd). After your level 2 upgrade is verified (this usually takes about 5 minutes), then…
Upgrade to level 3 for only .0006 bitcoins (about $.60 usd).
Upgrade to level 4 for only .003 bitcoins (about $3 usd).
In total you will only need to spend less than $5 usd and you will make about $55 usd at (level 4).

Once you have made enough in profits from level 4, then upgrade to level 5. Repeat this process over and over using your profits from the matrix until you reach level 9. On level 9 you will be eligible to earn 2343.0944 bitcoins.

In order to earn that 2343 bitcoins from 2x9Bitmax, you will only need to refer 2 people!

But since you are joining my team and using my “Automatic Bitcoin System” you will not have to recruit anybody!

I am going to build your 2x9Bitmax downline for you for free!

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As explained earlier….2x9Bitmax is a 2×9 matrix that will turn an intitial .0002 bitcoin ($.20 usd) investment into 2343 bitcoins when your matrix is filled down 9 levels!

I am going to help you reach level 9 so that you can get the 2343 bitcoins