Please help me

Hi my name is Michelle Schutack. I am in financial disstress. No matter what I do i can’t get a loan to help. I need the money to catch up on my bills and pay off creditors and collections. My goal with this is to be actually debt free for once in my life. I’m on the verge of losing everything. I pawned my rings and there past due on payment if i don’t pay for them soon the pawn shop is going to sell them. I don’t have any money my account is in the negetive it’s always in the negitive. I barely keep enouugh out each payday for food and stuff. I try to be postive but it’s so hard. I don’t have any money for any of the bills i’m past do on just about all of them and it seems like no one cares to help. I found this fundraising thing couldn’t hurt to try nothing else has worked. I have a full time job and i work for nothing I can’t even pay my bills my life is depressing and the bills just keep stacking up. I don’t know what to do anymore. I pray to the good lord above but I honestly don’t think he cares. I just need help anything will do at this point in time