No Hype… Just a Great Mailer… #freemembers mail daily…

Every once in a while, a Mailer comes along
that’s built to be a true Work Horse.


I just found this great new Mailer and I just
have to spread the word…

A1 Safelist Mailer is a simple, effective
#emailadvertising platform…

It has a lot of great features without a bunch of
unnecessary junk (no parties or games).

This is a super clean list. Your credits are
only used to mail members that have been active
within the last 90 days.

Use Promo Code: ’emailworks’ for 1000 free credits
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Yours in Success,
Sean Thompson
(570) 995-2022
Skype: sean.thompson249

P.S.- The Premium upgrade includes
two Alien Super Solos every month!