I LOVE The Auctions!


I never really thought I would be the kind of person to enjoy auctions and I must admit that when I first joined SFI and they asked what I liked least, I listed the auctions … but that was because I had never tried the auctions! (how many times did our mother’s coax us when we were younger to try new food and we were adamant that we did not like it simply because we had never tried it?). Smiles.

For those of you who are a novice to auctions let me give you a few tips before you go give them a whirl …. and I will also give you some FREE credits too so you can try the auctions out at no risk or personal expense to you (I will tell you how to get them at the end of this).

My suggested auction tips (i.e. what I do to win at the auctions):

1. I have heard over and over again that the way to win at auctions is to simply not give up. This is not true. Sometimes it is simply better to walk away. People say that because they want you to bid hundreds of credits in the auctions when that is not necessary. In fact, most of the auctions I have won I have spent less than 50 credits to do so.
a. When I see that there is someone else in there that obviously wants the product as much if not more than I do then I will at some point walk away. I am not benefiting from the auctions if I am spending more money to bid then I am to win. That being said, I have gotten some EXCELLENT deals with my wins.
2. Determine what you are willing to bid BEFORE you start the auctions. T-Credits do not cost that much money (and I will give you some for FREE to start) but it is still good to know how many you are willing to spend/use at the start of the auction.
3. IF there is a bidding war going on (two people going back and forth on the product, just sit back and wait. Eventually they will run out of credits and then your opportunity will arise.
4. Bid early. Early in the auctions the timer is set long. People get tired or bored or get into something else and forget that auction is going and the next thing you know, you won! This is how I have achieved my wins in the auctions.

I personally use the auctions to help me build my business and therefore bid on advertising or leads but I have gotten many wins for less than a dollar! You cannot beat that!

FREE T-Credits (the token used to bid). Please just send me an e-mail at oceans4me39@yahoo.com and I will happily send you a gift card for free t-credits. Since each code is unique it is not feasible to place the gift cards in this mailing but I am happy to provide you a few free ones so you can enjoy the fun of the auctions … on me!

Happy Bidding!

Rebecca ☺