Have You Ever Had One of Those Weeks? …

Have you ever had one of those weeks?

Well I have! Just finished one in fact. It is interesting how they seem to come out of the blue, have you noticed that too? Let me share with you a little about my week … if you don’t mind lending me an ear?

I am a nurse by trade … a nurse manager to be exact. I was staying late at my [supposed] 9-5 job trying to wrap up some time sensitive regulatory tasks I had been assigned when a mass casualty occurred.

There was a circus in town and severe weather collapsed the tent injuring and trapping many children and their families. All I could think was “All those children!” My heart was in my throat!
As you can imagine my entire focus was on my responsibilities in helping to manage this crisis (I work at the hospital in the town where this circus was being held). The event was very traumatic for so many unexpected circus-goers … and there were fatalities as well … on of them being a young child who was struck by the tent structure and fatally injured.

I am as proud as can be of my staff; they stepped up and jumped in beautifully. The whole organization did an outstanding job in fact. There were so many who helped in so many ways; the family support team who stayed with the grieving families; the front-line caregivers who attempted to resuscitate a young girl; the surgeons and physicians who immediately came in so that the injured could be seen and treated as quickly as possible; the staff on the inpatient units who absorbed additional patients and kept the existing patients safe and well-cared for … and the list goes on and on.

With my hyper-focus being on the crisis and its aftermath (debriefing, crisis counseling, etc) and some other stressful events going on at my job, it was like the rest of the world stopped … and I noticed a very strange phenomena. Let me explain.

I have read (I research and read a LOT towards successful entrepreneurial businesses) that in order to maintain forward momentum, positive energy MUST be exerted. The universe somehow senses that positive energy and focus and helps guide you towards the proper steps of success.

Well, my focus was deterred from my entrepreneurial business and I noticed a definite change in the momentum of my business as a result. While this phenomena is not causing me concern it did drive home a point in my mind that I would like to share …

Be fully engaged EVERY DAY in the things that are most important to you.

If one of those things is your business then do not think that it will automatically go on autopilot, because it will not. Your business requires energy … you energy. That energy is somehow and in some unseen way linked to your continued or eventual success.


Be fully engaged EVERY day!

Thank you for taking the time to listen and share my “one of those weeks!”.

Have a GREAT day, weekend and week!

Rebecca ☺

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Rebecca Sayre