A Picture Paints a Thousand Words …

Hi Rebecca!

When I was growing up my mother used to teach me and my sisters (we were all girls, no brothers) that actions speak louder than words. She constantly re-enforced the importance of good deeds and to SHOW people rather than telling them.

Well, according to John Assaraf Founder of the NeuroGym and many other highly successful entrepreneurs out there it seems that this concept goes a bit further than the teachings of my mother. What I am referring to is the power of picture boards.

It seems that in training our minds to help us achieve what we truly desire, there are some tools that we can use. Picture boards is one of these tools.

How does a picture board work?

Well, you take the things that you truly desire and cut and paste, paint, print, or draw them onto a board, Each picture represents what you are seeking. Then place this board with these pictures of meaning in a spot where you will see it everyday.

Take time to look at it and reflect on what you truly desire and your mind will begin to tell you the steps you need to take to achieve these things. How well we listen to our minds will help to determine how soon we can achieve those things that truly matter to us.

Picture boards cost us essentially only our time and our effort. Studies have proven the effectiveness of using picture boards as a tool towards achieving success.

What is one thing that you will be putting on your board? E-mail me at oceans4me39@yahoo.com and let me know.

Be Strong and Keep the Faith!

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