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We all want more signups and sales for our businesses and lead capture pages. That is why we are constantly looking for more traffic.

However, the secret is not MORE Traffic. Success comes from BETTER Traffic. Traffic that is proven to convert.

Luckily, we now have the Traffic Wise feature inside the NEW 100 Percent Mailer to give us the true statistics on what free traffic websites convert into more signups and sales.

Traffic Wise compiles tracking on over 1.3 million website visitors each month from over 500 different traffic sources to give you a list of the best converting traffic sites. It shows you the actual conversion rate for each site using data compiled from over 100 different signup pages rotating at those sites. No bias or fluff. Just the facts and numbers on which sites are generating the best converting traffic.

Traffic Wise is one feature in the relaunched 100 Percent Mailer which just went live at Noon on Monday. In addition to Traffic Wise, you will find many other new features designed to get you more results. The Email Wizard will help you write unique emails that get attention and clicks. The new Linked Sites feature will show all your stats on dozens of traffic generating sites in a single snapshot.

If you want more signups and sales, then 100 Percent Mailer is the “place to be”!

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