No Bad. No Ugly. All Good.

This is one TEAM BUILD I Endorse

I've had some experiences with Team Builds.  Some Good, Some Bad, Some Ugly.

Marty Buckley has done it RIGHT.

In the past, my BAD experiences were due to the IMPATIENCE of the TEAM BUILD PARTICIPANTS.  They drop out after the first monthly payment, or simply never bother to promote the TEAM BUILD PAGE. 

* This is a non-issue because there is NO monthly payment.  This is a ONE-TIME $25 Investment

Many team builds have a minimum click requirement to participate.

* There is no minimum monthly click requirement.

Marty uses his extensive resources to promote the TEAM BUILD PAGE.  Even if you do NOTHING and DO NOT PROMOTE the Team Build Page, you are GUARANTEED $250. 

It may take awhile though.  So, how do you SPEED up the process?

Easy...  Promote the TEAM BUILD PAGE and also your Direct PAID MEMBER LINK!

This way you get the benefit of the automatic Team Build Rotator, AND get paid directly through your own promotion efforts.

No Bad.  No Ugly.  All Good.

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Rich Moyer


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