[9-Video Course] What’s Working Now with Email Marketing

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but LeadPages continues to impress me.

LeadPages just released their fourth course by their Marketing Educator, Bob Jenkins. This new course shows you how to set up an entire email marketing plan for your business—whether you’re brand new to email marketing, or you’ve been list building for a while (but with lackluster results).

We can tell you from our own personal experience that email is still one of the best ways to reach your potential customers—through their inboxes.

(Case in point: You’re reading about LeadPages latest course, right here in your email.)

In this 9-video course, Bob covers everything you need to know about growing and nurturing your email list, as well as why you need to grow your email list to grow your business.

And the best part?

This 9-part course, which most companies would charge hundreds, if not thousands for, is available to you at no cost.

That’s right. LeadPages is letting me give away this entire 9-video course. You don’t even need to opt in, you can watch all 9 videos right here on the course page. –> http://rghflash.click.org/lpelb

Inside this 9-video course, you’ll discover:

* Why you may be losing subscribers due to poor list follow-up, and how you can fix that issue as early as this week.

* When you should use certain emails, including autoresponders and broadcast emails, to move subscribers through your sales funnel, so they become paying customers.

* Interviews with two LeadPages email sales experts, who tell you what’s working best in their fields (marketing automation and one-on-one sales), and how you can apply these techniques to your business.

Again, LeadPages is letting me give you this phenomenal 9-part course at no cost whatsoever. As my subscriber, it’s my gift to you. So I highly recommend you check it out.

You can watch all 9 videos without opting in, right here –> http://rghflash.click.org/lpelb

But if you decide to download this entire course, you’ll also get all 9 videos, 9 MP3s, 9 transcripts, and 12 PDFs including a mindmap and much more—again at no cost.

Go check out the course right now.

Robert Halcomb

P.S. Great value like this isn’t given away very often—so I highly encourage you to take advantage of this course. Click here to dive into this 9-part course. –> http://rghflash.click.org/lpelb