NEW – A Viral Mailer That Builds Your List

Matthew Graves just launched a new safelist / viral mailer program like no mailer you have ever seen.
I am sure that you have seen the ads for his last launch, Your Viral List, which has taken our industry by storm
in the 6 weeks since it launched. Almost 5,000 members added to the lists of people promoting the program so far
and thousands in commissions earned.
Now Matthew has launched Your Viral Mailer, which incorporates all the viral list building features of his last
program into a safelist or viral mailer.
You promote your referral url for Your Viral Mailer and when someone joins, they also get added to your list at
the auto-responder of your choice. You build your downline in the program and your auto-responder list at the
same time.
You even earn 50% commissions on upgrades by your referrals.
Premium Members get 1,000 credits per day and the ability to email daily for a ridiculously low 90 days upgrade
price. You can also earn your upgrade by passing up referrals to your sponsor.
Join Your Viral Mailer today using the link below to really Supercharge Your Success.