Marks New Advertising Site + Matrix is the BOMB!


Mark's new site is called WePayCommisions and its launched today!

Get your free 3000 ad credits registering during the launch.

You can upgrade for a one time $7 and get an extra 7000 credits, and there are six ways to get exposure to your ads. 

For each $7 you get a position in the payment matrix, which is a company wide forced matrix. 

I am under the admin Mark himself, so you guess where you should be placed. 

You are allowed to have 3 more positions that will cost you $21 more but you get $10.50 back on your first, so really you are just spending the initial $7+$10.50= $17.50 for a lifetime upgrade that pays you 45% commission of all sales you make in two levels, Read the Matrix page for more information. Its a no brainier.  

Get in quick and get your position (s) confirmed. 

Mark has been paying since 2008 and his sites are super active and get results. 

Any questions, open a free account and contact me from inside. 

Rasika J