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I am happy to offer something that can’t hurt ANYONE!! It literally “Cost’s Nothing”
I am happy to offer something that can’t hurt ANYONE!! It literally “Cost’s Nothing”
I m already getting paid daily after the 1st 24 hours! No Outlay. No Risk. Without referring anyone you could earn 1k – 3k in 30 days! Refer a few people and it grows even faster. This will NOT be available forever. When they have enough accounts, there will be no more referrals. This is a BANK TRADE Program that is really Working!

DO NOT DISMISS THIS! SAXO Bank-Est 1992 makes deposit for you, 100.00 on 7 Platforms =$700.00
NEVER take a dime out of your pocket! So “what s the catch???? For every deposit a bank receives from customers (in this case $100.00) it’s written into their Ledgers and then they are allocated Many times that amount by Feds. It s Brilliant! We receive daily from each of the 7 Platforms between 8 to 9 pm EST everyday. By just clicking and allocating! So easy!

These are Bank Trades in Forex. All the Currency Pairs are pre-selected by the Trading bank, SAXO. We “piggyback” on their Bank Trades on FOREX & get a nice Percentage from all Trades.

We can withdraw 90% of our Profits on the 26th of each month!
To receive daily – you must allocate the trades with simple clicks. There are 26 clicks on 7 platforms = 182 activations. And you receive profits from each of their seven Different Platforms. A GOLD MINE! When you start your maximum trade will be $5.00 per trade. Refer 10 and you can trade $15.00 per trade, refer 30 and you can trade $30.00 per trade. REMEMBER, NO OUT OF POCKET $ $ EVER for those who take advantage now! Register instantly on all 7 Trade Links. Copy and paste to your browser making sure you leave no space in between words or letter








Select / Copy & Paste for each one , into your Browser header(Leave no spaces). Click Enter.
After you open each trade link copy them one after the other into your Browser “BOOKMARKS “
NSTRUCTIONS – signup with each one on the top right hand side of the screen (use the same email and password for each) and you’ll see 100.00 added to each account. After you sign up on all seven

1.Click the TRADE Tab, there are 10 available financial platforms (Banks),

2. Click on the “Actively” button next to bank #1

3. Change the Asset Size from 1.00 to 5.00 and click Continue

4 Wait for it to finish, then click Continue, then click Complete. And repeat with the next bank!

(Tip: to speed things up, copy the browser address from the first window and paste into 5 or 10 new windows. While one is loading, click Actively for the next bank in the next browser, etc. Cut your time to 15 min a day). I take the slow road and I get the lot done in 2 hours Max

5. Next, click BINARY Tab – there are 16 FOREX currency Pairs 6. Repeat 2,3 and 4 above for all 16 pairs. (the first day you’ll run out of money, so use your last dollar, then the next day you’ll have more) Only click on the GREEN up arrow

Do this on All 7 Trade Platforms – EVERY DAY and watch your accounts grow.

To share with others, click the REFERRAL Tab for your Referral/Personal Link. Forward my email, but completely delete my links and then paste yours in. Do NOT type over or it will redirect to my links. To choose how you want to be paid, click Settings / Payment Settings to choose how you want to be paid in Bitcoin or US funds.

See the bottom of the page on each site to choose your payment options
Eg Paypal.

BUT GET IN NOW There will be a cut off point This will occur when the banks have filled their affiliate accounts which wont take long

To your success