The tool I use daily to manage all my TEs.

Hi #firstname#.

One page on this site shows me all my Traffic Exchange credits.
How many credits are assigned and how many are unassigned at each exchange.
Plus there is a login link next to the unassigned credits so I can easily log in and assign them.

There is another page that does the same for banner impressions, and one also for text impressions.

And there is a page that shows me what commissions are owed at each site and what the payout threshold is.

As an added bonus, 20+ sites take part in Commando Surf where I earn additional credits for every site viewed. More credits for less work - I definitely use this feature every day.

If you are into building your downlines, it is also a really good downline builder.

It is totally free to join and use, so:               
- sign up
- add your favourite Traffic Exchanges
- see how easy it is to monitor all those extra credits you are going to get.

Best wishes,
Pete Tyson