Only pay for clicked email credit links.


How about a mailer where you don’t lose your credits unless your email is clicked?

I have just joined a Mailer that not only serves up great traffic to your websites but also only uses up your credits when your emails actually get clicked.

Mailers have for a long time been a great source of traffic for the top internet marketers, however up until now you have used your credits up for each email sent.

Click Or Return Email Wiz changes that right now. You see here you can become a wiz of the mailers and only use up your credits when your emails are clicked.

That’s right, If you send out 5000 emails and only 400 of them actually get a click through to your site then instead of it costing you 5000 credits like it would at most mailers, it only costs you 400 credits here.

Get started for free right now via the credit link.

Pete Tyson