Ho! Hows About Ye Werkin’ The Loot?


Ho, be ye like to earn gold by work’in up free apps and games on yer chatta’box?

If it AAIIIIN’T puttin’ loot in your pocket, there, matey, then it’s a munchin’ N crunchin’ away yer stash!

Here! Do what’cha been doin when you got that there silicon-bar!

1.) Snatch CashPirate from http://wewillshowyou.info/Uwn4i (It’s the mechan’de’Droid version. For Ye eyePhon lubbers … BWAAAAAHAAAHAAA! Try Ye link, or go ther’ into the Davey Jones’s place down below!)

2.) Use me code: VYBUJI after it’s up an’ runn’in

3.) Then you get meSwag when you start EARRRN’IN it! (500 dubloons PLUS WHILE yer lootin’ a kilo single-handedly!)

4.) Ye Gold is in ‘de list of y’apps!

Simple, fer’ a land-lubber like yourself!

Gotta hoist meSails!
Edward SB (sol’buckaneer)
PF4PCConsultation (FaceBook)

(Davey Jones locker … in the keel)
awww! arrrghh! System rulz; can’t have uh U-R-L stowaway her’