Why You Should STOP Using Bing PPC

Ok… let me come straight to the point; there is
nothing wrong with Bing and Yahoo or their
combined PPC platform. Far from it in fact… truth
is advertising on Bing is actually cheap and
effective (and often hugely under utalised)

But this email isn’t about Paying for Clicks on
Bing or yahoo – Nope… It’s about Free clicks and
Free Traffic.

Oh right… you’ve heard all that a million times

Yeah me too, so let me explain…

A friend of mine ‘Mark’ has discovered a trick
that enables anyone to rank a brand new or
existing website on page #1 of Bing in 48 hours,
it’s called BINGY

Perhaps you know the guy…

His name is Mark Bishop, you might know him as the
weird niche guy lol. Anyway Mark has found a way
of exploiting a little flaw in Bings ranking
algorithm that lets him launch site after site at
the top of Bing in under two days and scale out
quickly with curated content.

And there is ZERO SEO involved – No Seo, No Wasted
time… nothing – And anyone can do it in 30 minutes
and at a cost of $30. That’s it: $30 and 30
minutes and your done!

Now of course – Everyone says they can do this and
that, but very few actually hand over live proof
you can check yourself.

You wanna see some proof?

Pop over to this page:

http://bit.ly/Bingyofficial and scroll half way down the page, look
out for the demo video… he’s actually had to speed
it up to show you the results he’s got in the US
and UK.

Full disclosure: this is a trick and Mark is
Exploiting a flaw in the system, but he’s crushing
it with over 22,000 visitors to the case study
site already… and so can you.