Not Even Superman Could Make Mailing…


Sending to a lot of mailers means a LOT of work.
All that logging in, and all that copy and pasting make
for a long day when you are trying to build your business.

You are still copy and pasting, right?

Now There is a much faster way to get your mailing done!

You can rest your fingers and your head because VMP has done
the heavy lifting for you


Unlike old school automation systems, Ulti-Send will not have you
missing out on important members area updates, discounts or events
at your favorite programs. It really is like upgrading every mailer
you use to be more efficient, so you can work less, and live more.

Upgrade at Viral Mail profits, and you will get full unrestricted
access to all of Ulti-Send “almost magic” features for as long as
you remain upgraded with nothing more to buy!

But do not take our word for it! They are letting free members
take it for a spin with no buttons disabled because quite frankly
this is the most excitement there has been about a new product in
long long time!

After seeing this powerful tool in action, you can choose
an upgrade that suits you to get unlimited access and say
good bye to Copy and his good friend Paste!


Paul Kinder